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become a better writer through story telling

Practice makes perfect. You’ll become a better writer by writing every day and pushing back your boundaries.

My name’s Deb, and I’m on a mission to help you become the best you possibly can.

Writing Out Loud is here to explore writing fiction in all its many guises, rooting out what works and what doesn’t, and helping you find your way through the maze of learning to write better fiction.

Anyone can write fiction. Not anyone can write good fiction. Good fiction writing, though, depends on one thing and one thing only: your determination to learn. Some people think fiction writers are born that way, some think it’s a kind of mystical art that happens by magic.

The truth falls somewhere in between

There are extremely gifted fiction writers out there who strike gold with their first attempt and become the darling of the literary (or genre) world. There’s also a mystical side to it, which you’ll recognise as soon as you experience ‘the zone’ and discover how words and ideas can steam like magic, out of nowhere, when your muse is truly set free.

In between these two extremes, there’s a lot of hard work, brow beating, second guessing and revising or rewriting.

One thing’s certain, to become a better writer you have to dedicate yourself to writing and more writing. The more words you write, the better all future words will be. The more you learn to trust your muse, the more magical will be the ideas and concepts it hands to you.

Helping You Become a Better Writer

That’s why I called this site Writing Out Loud. Because when words fall onto the page and make magical sense, their silence comes alive, practically shouting with exuberance. It’s this exhilaration that I want you to experience. All through the wonder of the storytelling art.

Let’s write!

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