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Finding April Writing Fun in the News

Virgin glass bottomed plane

Science fiction, anyone?

 The beginning of April is a good time of year to stock up on fun story ideas and creative writing prompts.

I spotted a couple of ideas around the internet this week that immediately sent me into story mode.

One was shed tax.

And the other?

A plane with a glass bottom.

For the first I’d go with either something apocalyptical or satirical, and the second definitely leads me down a fun science fiction path. Your take might be completely different, depending on your favourite writing genres.

It reminds me that all ideas are original. We can start from the same point but we’ll all end up in different places. Occasionally I get bogged down with my imagined lack of originality, and this can lead to a writing block. I allow myself to fall into the trap of believing I can’t write on a subject because it’s already been done.

Big mistake. No one has written anything in the same way or from exactly the same perspective as mine. Give ten writers the same writing prompt and you’ll end up with ten different stories.

What do you think? Did you spot any potential future creative writing fun hiding in other people’s humour during this year’s joke-fest?

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