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Arriana’s Trial – a novella

Is there really such as thing as magic?

cover of Arriana's TrialTrapped in a loveless world of outward privilege,  a young princess seeks meaning to life and must be willing to sacrifice everything in order to find it.

Arriana’s Trial is a fairy tale set in a magical and mystical kingdom, where secret worlds exist just beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.

Read the opening to this novella, below:

(Disclaimer – this if draft material. It may or may not survive to the final draft. Please don’t share it elsewhere. Thanks!)


Chapter One

Arriana sat beside the small stream, paddling her feet in the cool, murmuring water. She lifted her face to the magical, golden light of early morning, enjoying her solitude and the feeling of enchantment that hung in the air around dawn. She knew the forest wasn’t really enchanted; that only existed in fairy tales, but she liked to imagine that somewhere, maybe, magic was real.

As she revelled in the sights, smells and sounds of early morning, the birds in the treetops suddenly hushed.

She froze when a twig snapped behind her and the air shivered. With her face still tilted to the canopy above, her ears strained for the slightest sound. Only gradually, when nothing happened and the birds resumed their song, did she relax and slowly look over her shoulder, starting at the sight she beheld.

Leaping to her feet, she staggered backwards into the stream. She’d already gathered up her skirts in preparation for flight when a gentle voice sounded in her mind.

“Don’t be afraid. My name is Serradane. You are Princess Arriana of Westerhove”

The reminder of who she was, a princess of this land and daughter to the king, bolstered her courage. She straightened her spine and lifted her chin as she looked head-on at the most impressive wild horse she’d ever seen…

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