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Building Fictional Worlds

Sunset in a Fictional World

Sunset in a Fictional World

Fiction Writers are World Builders.

The dictionary defines fiction as: an invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.

Whether the world is the one we recognise and live in every day, or whether it’s one that exists only in imagination, the locations and people in works of fiction are artificially created.

And yet they must live, or the story dies as it’s written.

This is the challenge in writing fiction. To make something up and present it in such a way that the reader believes it totally. Or if not totally, believes in the premise or situation, or believes in the possibilities being presented, far enough to willingly suspend disbelief.

Writing fiction is a privilege and a responsibility. Books and stories influence thought and opinions, teach behaviour and societal norms, and reflect standards and social prejudices back to those who live them daily.

Fiction has Power

I don’t write to change the world, and nor do I write because I believe I have something important to say. I write simply because I love to do it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously.

I want my words to move, to entertain, to allow readers to walk for the duration of the story in someone else’s shoes. If by doing that I can somehow help someone find the answer to a problem or reach a conclusion on a point of confusion or dilemma, I’m honoured.

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