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Friday Fiction Freewrite – Spanish Village

Spanish Village

Fiction Friday Freewrite – Creative Writing Prompt

Spanish Village Fiction Freewrite

Buildings are amongst the most evocative story prompts. What does this street say to you?

Okay, so it’s not Friday, but let’s not let a little thing like that stop the muse from playing. Creative writing prompts work whatever day of the week it is, right?

I was in Estepona last week, enjoying some Spanish sunshine since the sun seems to have forgotten how to shine in England. In the old part of the town, the typically Spanish white houses climb the sloping streets, dressed up in floral splendour. It is beautiful.

I wonder who lives on that street? So close to each other, does everyone know everyone else? Are there one or two people, maybe newcomers or foreigners, who’re having trouble finding friends amidst locals who grew up together? Do they share parties? Find love? Fall out?

What do the houses look like inside? Are the rooms as pretty and inviting as they look like they ought to be? What secrets lurk behind these attractive doors and windows?

Spend a moment falling into the photo, then write whatever comes to mind. Your people don’t have to be Spanish, heck, you can plonk this street down anywhere in the world you like, or even on a planet of your own choosing. Just use the image as a spring board and invite your muse to create something around it.

Happy writing!

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