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How to Become a Better Writer in 2014

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Keep your head in the clouds but your feet firmly planted to reach high writing goals.

There’s no reason on earth why 2014 shouldn’t be the year you finally finish (or start) your novel, learn a new writing discipline (for instance learn flash fiction), or self-publish your novel as an Indie Publisher.

If you’ve been promising yourself you’ll write more fiction, now’s the time to get going, make your plan, and finally kick start your career as an author.

Over the next few days I’ll post action steps geared towards helping you set down what you hope to achieve and how you’ll get there. Broken into small steps, even the loftiest plans become manageable and non-threatening.

If you’ve ever found yourself suffering from overwhelm, not knowing where to start but having a mountain of stuff you want to do, this is for you.

Become a Better Writer

Make this the year you finally stop talking about writing and start seriously writing. If you write just one page a day over the next year, you’ll have a full length novel to publish in time for the Christmas Kindle rush. Once you get going, writing one page is the easiest thing in the world. It’s the getting going that’s hard, and I’ve plenty of tips lined up to get you started and keep you writing every day of the year.

First, you need a plan. A plan that will break your writing activities down into non-scary sections and steps, taking you from vague wishes and desires to daily action steps that will turn dreams into reality. A good plan will enable you to:

  • Visualise your big writing goals
  • Break goals down into manageable chunks
  • Be SMART
  • Create clear action steps
  • Make writing each day a pleasure
  • Banish writer’s block for ever

For today, just hold the thought that you’re already a writer, and over the next year you’ll become a better writer through practice and determination. This is your year.

Next step: Visualising Your Writing Goals

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