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Story Spark – The Ship

Friday Fiction Freewrite Writing Mission

ship photo for writing promptI spotted this ship on a recent trip to Gibraltar. I don’t think I ever visit that place without coming away with some inspiration for story ideas.

It’s not everyday you see an old fashioned sailing ship in a modern marina, and it got my muse itching to come out and play.

What’s it doing there?

  • Time warp?
  • Ghost ship?

You can see the lines my imagination runs along, but maybe you ideas slant towards other genres. Most  creative writing prompts can be twisted to fit any genre, even non-fiction. If you’re an article writer, a scene like this presents lots of opportunities for feature ideas. Maybe it’s a museum ship, in which case who owns it and what’s its history. Alternatively, maybe its a youth or corporate team-building vessel, taking groups out on practical exercises.

Whatever it is, seeing it gently floating there in a modern marina was a curious sight.

If this sparks off any story ideas of your own, let me know.

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