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Images make great creative writing prompts

It doesn’t matter which genre you write in, or even whether you write fiction or nonfiction, creative writing prompts in the form of images are amongst the most fruitful for generating ideas and getting the creative neurons firing.

Just browsing online images can generate a thousand ideas. The trick to using creative writing prompts wisely is to stick with the first one that sparks your interest. Allow shiny-new-thing syndrome to take over and you’ll spend all your writing time browsing images, kidding yourself you’re writing, but actually getting nothing done. If possible, try to get someone to choose a prompt for you – that way you have no choice but to accept the first one you get.

So look at the image above. That’s the prompt I’ve chosen for you this week. You could write a story, start a novel, write an article or a  poem. Just freewrite whatever comes to mind and see where it takes you.

Sometimes just writing for the love of it sparks wonderful ideas that grow into seriously fruitful projects.

Good luck :)

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