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Writing Fiction on the Moon

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The Moon

Is there a fantasy/sf author anywhere who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go to the moon?

I clearly remember watching the 1969 moon landing (no doing the maths now!). At that stage I had no notion of becoming a fantasy author. I didn’t even know there was any such thing as either fantasy or science fiction. But watching the scratchy, black and white coverage on TV took hold of my imagination and has never let go.

I wish Golden Spike every success in their moon trip venture. With an estimated price tag of $1.4 billion, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph, for each two-man trip, I probably won’t be going, but I can surely imagine what it would be like.

Writing Fiction Standing Up

First I must learn to deal with weighlessness so I can enjoy the journey. After all, the pleasure of any trip is in the travelling, not the arriving, yes?

Thankfully, there’s this helpful video by Sunita Williams, (former) Commander of the International Space Centre who explains in wonderful detail what it’s like to live without chairs because there’s no need to sit down, and how to sleep when you always feel as though you’re upright.

I could get used to writing standing up, but sleeping standing up? That might take a little more practise.

And finally, of course, no trip should be undertaken without itinerary planning for sightseeing. Guide books to the moon are pretty few and far between but this article in the Washington Post points out a few things moon visitors will want to see and do.

Put me down for visiting the Sea of Tranquillity, the site of the first moon landing that so enchanted me, and add my name to the list of people who want to see how high they can jump. And of course, the view of earth is something so spectacular that surely no-one would want to miss it.

How about you? Would you take a trip to the moon, given half a chance?


8 thoughts on “Writing Fiction on the Moon

  1. The Great Gordino

    That’s 2 posts of yours now that I can really relate to about atmosphere – one about the magic of a snowscap, and now this one about the moon.
    I agree that it would stir something inside – I’m not sure about going up there, I suspect the well documented space sickness would get me!
    I love Suni Williams – I watched as she ran the Boston Marathon from space – impressive!

    1. Deborah Jones Post author

      Gordon, thanks! And yes, the spacesickness would probably get to me too. I get seasick on rivers! But, it wouldn’t stop me. I’d love to go into space. Just getting into orbit and looking back to Earth would be enough.

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